5 Reasons to Visit Dubai Desert in 2024


5 Reasons to Visit Dubai

If you’ve picked Dubai as your next holiday destination, chances are you’ll be daydreaming of the city’s amazing, lavish hotels, incredible restaurants and world-famous attractions. While all this is unmissable, I think it’d be a real shame to go to Dubai and not visit the desert – here’s why.

1. Experience an incredible contrast to the city

Probably the best reason to head into the desert on your Dubai holidays 2024 is simply to get another perspective on the city. When you arrive, it’s easy to think it’s made up entirely of skyscrapers, luxury hotels, beaches and colossal shopping centres. Take a trip to the desert, though, and you’ll see things a bit differently.

Plus, it’s also an amazing opportunity to get a real taste of adventure. There are loads of different activities you can try – including camel riding! – so it’s well worth getting a good idea of what you can do before you set off.

Another thing to remember is that, while the desert is definitely a real contrast to the metropolis, it’s still home to a number of luxury hotels, like the Maha Desert Resort & Spa. What this means for travellers like you and me is that we have the option to spend a few days here, though you can also just book yourself on a day trip from wherever you’re staying in the city.

2. Visit the wadis

The wadis are some of the most interesting things to see in the Dubai desert, so keep an eye out for tours that visit these. Dry river valleys that were formed by streams flowing from the mountains, they are a pretty striking sight. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll get to see rock pools of the water right in the heart of the desert.

3. Dune driving

This is definitely one for adventure lovers. Dune driving gives you the chance to speed across the sand dunes in a 4×4 (with an experienced driver – you won’t be taking the wheel yourself!). Sharp turns and stomach-lurching routes will be the order of the day, making it a real rush for adrenaline junkies.

4. Ride a camel

When you think of exploring the desert, whose mind doesn’t automatically turn to riding a camel? Having this kind of experience is really memorable and is, arguably, one of the best reasons to come into the desert. You’ll have seasoned riders around you, so you needn’t worry about being stranded on an animal you can’t control – just watch out for the spitting when you get off!

5. Go on a desert safari

One of the most exciting things about the Dubai desert is the breadth of experiences it offers you. Yes, you can just do one of the above if you fancy, but a desert safari gives you the chance to try a little bit of everything – and even spend some time staring up at the amazing canopy of stars with no light pollution getting in your way.

So, what kind of thing can you expect? Obviously, it depends on the individual tour you book, but typically these include driving across the desert in a 4×4, visiting a camel farm and seeing a dazzling desert sunset before arriving at a campsite.

Once you’re there, there’ll be heaps more activities you can try. As well as riding a camel, you can go sandboarding (which is exactly how it sounds – pretty similar to snowboarding, with the obvious exception of it being done on sand rather than snow). If you fancy having a lasting memory of your time here, you can also get a henna tattoo, before tucking into a tasty barbecue and watching some belly dancing.


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