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Alaska- An adventure Destination: Alaska OMG!!! Nature’s gifts are harsh blows and the occasional chance to feel strong. It’s very important in life to measure yourself. To find yourself once in the ancient of conditions with nothing to help you. For once live like a nomad and this is what Alaska USA offers you.

ALASKA- Ak state

Alaska doesn’t lie in the contiguous US but it lies to the northwest of Canada and is the largest state in the US. Alaska has a huge coastline of almost 34,000 miles. Alaska was bought from Russia back in 1867. It is one of the least populated states in the US and most of the people live in the metropolis of Anchorage as it’s not easy to survive in isolated parts of Alaska which are covered by snow for the most part of the year. Alaska is surrounded on three sides by sea and.

Alaska is connected by road only to Canada and to the US only by air. A lot of domestic flights fly between Alaska and the US. Also, most suburbs in Alaska have only local routes and are not connected to other parts.

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Alaska’s beauty is adored by huge glaciers, mountains, islands, caves, passes, rivers, and flora and fauna here is what intensifies its natural charm and purity. Traveling to Alaska is not for small-hearted. But if you are an adventurer travel Alaska should be on top of your list.

Alaska offers you some of the most remote and isolated locations. Here in Alaska, you get to travel on small country routes where you explore nature full of color and character. The biggest part of Alaska, interior Alaska, is an uninhabited wilderness. The south-central parts of Alaska USA receive a huge amount of snow. And here in these parts, it’s a revelation to experience the helplessness one feels in situations that make you press to the limits. Such an experience definitely makes you change your outlook in life. Did you read my post on USA traveling tips for women?

ALASKA ON MY MIND!!! OMG- Cruise tours to Alaska

I never expected my trip to turn out the way it did. My Alaska cruise tour vacation was simply awesome. Cruising Alaska in the summertime was an experience of a lifetime.

Cruise tours to Alaska

Best place to visit in Alaska- Cruising Alaska | Best Alaska cruise TOUR

The scenery in Alaska, the cultural experience, the closeness to nature, the sparkling collection of glaciers and wilderness together make the Alaskan cruise tour a wonderful vacation choice. While cruising Alaska I never imagined that my breakfast companions would be Alaskan bears. While sleeping outside in the coldness of the place my entire being felt enriched.

The Alaskan cruise started late in the morning and took a gentle path towards the famed Inside Passage. The cruise along the Inside Passage, which is regarded as one of the most scenic sea lanes in the entire world, is one of the very few exciting and deep enough passages to allow large cruise ships to sail close to the steep mountain walls. I felt awed in the presence of those ancient towering mountains, aware of my own insignificance in the grand scheme of nature. The unbelievable scenery of forests, glaciers, and towns steeped in history left me with unforgettable memories. All these are Best place to visit in Alaska.

Visit to Glacier Bay- ALASKA

No cruise in Alaska would be complete without a visit to Glacier Bay and this is where I spent five days of the vacation. Glacier Bay has more active glaciers than anywhere else in the world. When chunks of ice split from these the sound giants the sound produced are like thunder. I am not ashamed to admit that fear mingled with delight was a constant presence inside my mind during those five days. I was also amazed at the sight of water shooting up hundreds of feet into the air.

This cruise also took me to the town of Skagway where I tried to imagine what life could have been like during the gold rush era. I tried my hand at panning for gold and visited one of the many bars and saloons complete with costumed barmaids and memorabilia.

To cap it all tucked away at the end of this fantastic waterway are two active reminders of the Ice Age know as the Twin Sawyer Glaciers Ketchikan at the base of Deer Mountain. I was privileged enough to behold the ancientness of this world. This ancient location is unique for the way buildings are built on stilts over the water. Ketchikan is full of ancient Alaskan traditions and a sign of this is the innumerable totem poles I saw. To cap it all off I indulged in salmon fishing, though the salmons turned out to be pretty slippery than I had imagined.

Final words

In short, cruise tours to Alaska are a blend of nature and man-made magnificence and an awareness of our own interconnectedness to the wild.

A journey is what gives us happiness and not destination.

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