5 Best New England Cities Worth Visiting in the Fall 2021

New England cities are all the rage when its time for Fall and all that foliage. Being from New England Fall foliage doesn’t excite me too much but I know for a fact that non-New Englander’s are simply crazy about visiting this time of year.

There is a city for every type of person here in New England. We’ve got everything from small cities, large cities, and everything in between. We’ve also got something for the snow lovers, foliage lovers, and also BEER lovers. There is literally a town for everyone with something awesome to do there.

If your thinking about taking a plane, train, or automobile over to this side of the Earth than here are 5 Best Places to Visit in New England in 2021.

Top 5 Best New England cities worth visiting in the Fall 2021

1. Portland, Maine

This has to be one of my favorite cities in New England. If you’ve never been, think cobblestones, fair trade restaurants, ocean views, and some of the best craft beer. This is one of those cities that will steal your heart and your taste buds. It’s a perfect walking city with plenty to do and see. The breweries and brew pubs such as Sebago Brewing and Shipyard brew some of the best beers I’ve ever tasted. Portland is also a great city that prides itself on fair-trade organically grown foods and beverages. They like to keep it all in the family and really help out local farmers.

2. North Conway, New Hampshire

Want to see some foliage? This is a Amazing place to do so. It’s a perfect city year round as well. Spring, Summer, and Fall are perfect for hiking, kayaking, and of course outlet shopping! If Winter is more your speed then check out Loon Mountain that is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. This city gives a whole lot year round for those that are visiting or live in the area. (I’m not kidding about the outlet shopping!)

3. Burlington, Vermont

Here is another great place for some leaf peeping and it also has quite the Portland vibe. Not only can you visit the Ben and Jerry’s Factory that is nearby but there are some great breweries in the vicinity, a favorite of mine being Magic Hat.  Here the people are friendly, laid back, and just a little bit “crunchy”. It’s defiantly worth a visit.

4. Boston, Massachusetts 

For those of you new to the planet Earth, Boston is an exceptional city with INFINITE activities to keep you entertained. One of my favorite features of Boston is all the history that is associated with it. You can walk the Freedom Trail and visit Faneuil Hall. If you enjoy eating then the North End is home to some of the best Italian restaurants this side of Providence. Not to mention that this whole city is chock full of bars and restaurants for every appetite and budget. It’s a great weekend away city with a lot to offer.

5. Providence, Rhode Island

Not quite as popular in the tourist department but since I’m from here I thought I’d throw it in and brag just a little. Providence is the perfect mix of Boston and Portland in my opinion. You get the city feel without paying out the nose like you would in Boston. You also get a taste of the “crunchy” vibe that is often associated with Portland. Providence is not much of a walking city however but since it is so small, driving and finding places to park isn’t too difficult. The food here is also amazing with literally something for everyone. If you do plan a visit, check out Federal Hill for all your Italian needs.

Final words on Best New England Cities in 2021

So as you can see there seems to be a city worth visiting in each state of New England.  Some people often forget about visiting us since we aren’t tropical or have southern California weather; but trust when I say you won’t be disappointed. We have something for everyone and before you ask, no I’m not working on commission. Happy travels!

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