Best Places To Visit in Mysore with Friends & Family

Mysore is one of the top rated places to visit in India. The City is full of palaces and more. We covered the main attractions of Mysore in one day. We are going to share the experience of  the Top Best Places To Visit in Mysore.

Top Places to Visit in Mysore

What is the famous in Mysore? | Things to See in Mysore

  • Mysore Zoo
  • Ambavilas (Mysore) Palace

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo, Best Places To Visit in Mysore
Mysore Zoo

The Zoo is one of the most popular location in MYSORE. It is one of the main attraction. The entry fee per person here is 80 ₹ for adults and believe me those 80 ₹are worth it. If you are handicapped then there is no Entry fee.

The total area of the zoo is 157 acres. There are two options to cover the whole zoo. The first option is by walking and enjoying every animal and bird. The second option available is by hiring the battery operated vehicle. This vehicle will Cost you around 100 bucks. Our Recommendation will be to walk through the whole zoo as you can see all the animals and you will not miss anything. But some people asked us, how to visit Handicapped people in Mysore zoo? And our answer is they can use vehicle. The Battery operated vehicle halts only at 3 spots. There are chances that you can miss many animals or birds.


We entered from the main gate of the zoo. The zoo starts right from the front of the entrance.  There are variety of birds on both sides of the path. There are 47 different species of birds in the zoo. The Albino Peacock was one of our favorite. We spotted the royal INDIAN BENGAL TIGER as we moved on. We were speechless looking at the most strongest animal in the world. The Bengal Tiger is our national animal and we were proud to see it. The next animal we saw was the King Of The Jungle-Lion. We were lucky enough to witness the roar of the Lion.

After seeing variety of Animals and Reptiles, this were quiet one of our favorites

  • Cheetah
  • Jaguar
  • Black Swan
  • Kangaroos
  • Wolves
  • African Elephant ( Name: Timbo)

The best part of the zoo were Giraffes. We were lucky to visit the zoo surprisingly, because on the same day they were celebrating ‘World’s Giraffe Day’. Most of the giraffe here are breed and borne there. The place is nicely maintained and clean. The whole tour took us around three to four-hour. There is food stall for refreshment inside the zoo. My whole experience of MYSORE ZOO can be summarized as “Awesome”.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace, Best Places To Visit in Mysore
Beautiful Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is one of the historical place in India. It is the traditional seat of the royal Wadiyar family. The palace is known to be ‘Ambavilas’ in the city. The palace is a land of about 72 acres. The entry fee for each person is 50/- RS. The beauty of the palace is totally magnificent. When you visit the palace make sure you keep your shoes outside because they won’t allow you to wear inside the palace. You can also keep them through the counters which they provide.

The architecture of palace is dome styled and was design by British architect Lord Henry Irwin. The Historical artifacts are displayed publicly. The palace is known for its amazing architecture and designs. You can click pictures as much as you want but don’t try to touch or harm any of the artifacts out there.  The whole palace is guarded by the security guards and CCTV.

The main attraction of the palace is GOLDEN THRONE. The throne is retained for visitors during Dussera. People from various countries, cities and all over the world visits the palace to see the royal golden throne. The throne is disassembled and kept inside safety lockers after festivals. The King’s Darbar is the main room where he could confer with his ministers. The Darbar is at the top floor of the palace. The Best time to visit palace would be evening. The palace looks more beautiful at night. The lights which they put over the palace looks very magnificent. The whole MYSORE PALACE tour took around 45 min 30 min. MYSORE PALACE is part of Indian history which teach us about Ancient architecture.

If you wish to know more about the history of MYSORE PALACE, please check their official site

We really loved how our trip went , from the fantastic zoo to one of the best palace in india, Mysore was really a great experience and best places to visit in Mysore India.

As we have shared our travel experience with you.

Thank you.

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