Bourbon Street in New Orleans: 5 Nightclubs & Bars – Ultimate Party Junction

A vacation in New Orleans is not complete without a visit to Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is historic, fun, and one of the most popular streets in New Orleans. Party and the rhythmic sounds of jazz, Dixieland, and sultry blues never stop here. Moreover, this place is best known for its bars, nightclubs, street food, and Restaurants. You are for Bourbon Street Party right, you must refer to USA travelling tips for women, first.

The most popular section of ‘Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ is Upper Bourbon Street, an eight-block section of popular USA tourist attractions. There is something for everyone on Bourbon Street, jazz clubs, hotel bars, and discos. Apart from bars and nightclubs, this street also features restaurants and shops. This place seems to be quiet during the day, but it comes to life as the sun goes down.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans:  5 Nightclubs & Bars - Ultimate Party Junction

Where to go on Bourbon Street New Orleans?

Here are some of the nightclubs and Bars in Bourbon Street New Orleans.

1. The Krazy Korner

The Krazy Korner is a nightclub and a bar with some of the best live music in New Orleans. It features original music from local musicians. You can also see many famous musicians coming here to enjoy the local music. There is no cover charge and drinks are reasonably priced. It is open from 5 pm onwards on weekdays and from 2 pm onwards on weekends.

2. Razzo Bar and Patio

If you are looking for a good time with lots of young crowds this is the place to go. Razzoo night club features live music, nightly karaoke, and dancing. Bartenders keep things moving with 2-for-1 and even 3-for-1 drink specials. You can also enjoy watching the flame shooting fountain here. The bar is open from Mon-Fri (4 pm-close) Sat-Sun (12 pm-close).

3. Cat’s Meow in Bourbon Street New Orleans

Cat’s Meow is a live music joint that attracts karaoke fans from around the world. This place is housed in an 1820s style building that includes a courtyard and two balconies, giving an exclusive view of world-renowned Bourbon street in New Orleans. Here you can sing your favorite songs and can have a video recording of yourself. It is open from Mon-Thu (4 pm -close) and Fri-Sun (3 pm -close).

Bourbon Street in New Orleans bars

4.    Fat Catz Music Club

Fat Catz Music Club is entertainment-filled live music, dance club, and bar. Every night is celebrated with grand events with live bands playing music till the early hours of the morning. The bar serves imported beer, mixed drinks, whiskey, vodka, and rum. It is open from Mon to Thursday (5 pm to 4 am), Fri to Sat (1 pm to 4 am).

5.  Tropical Isle Bourbon

Tropical Isle Bourbon is a bar on the second floor from where you can enjoy the view of Bourbon Street. You can play trivia games, pool, air hockey on the balcony. This bar is home to the world-famous Hand [email protected], the most powerful drink in New Orleans. Other specialty drinks include the Shark [email protected], H0rny Gator, and Tropical Itch. You can enjoy great Caribbean-style parrot head live music here.  It is open from Mon to Thurs (12 pm to 3 am), Fri to Sun (12 pm to 5 am)

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