Fantasy Fest Key West Florida 2022: Crazy Street Festival

Fantasy Fest Key West Florida 2022: Hey guys, I know you are very excited to know about Fantasy Fest Key West Florida 2022. So I’m going to share all the interesting things like, What is the Fantasy fest? Fantasy Fest Key West dates in 2022, pics ( pictures), video, and much more. I know you’ll love my blog after reading this amazing post.

You know fantasy fest is one of the greatest Key West Street festivals. Women also participate in this festival, Largely. You should read the United States travelling tips for Women and safety advice to enjoy this festival.

What is Fantasy Fest Key West Florida?

Fantasy Fest Key West Florida
FANTASY Fest Key West | Image Source – Wikipedia

Fantasy Fest Key West Florida: Many people who are not from the USA (see Map & travel guide ) asked us, “What is Fantasy Fest Key West Florida?”. Friends, Fantasy Fest is a “Ten (10) days party in paradise” festival for adults. Fantasy fest started in Key West, Florida by 1979 by some people (Bill Conkle, Tony Falcone, Joe Liszka, and Frank Romano) to attract tourists to the island in Florida during the slow season.

Fantasy Fest worked well and boosted the economy on Key West by filling up hotels, local cafes, bars, and restaurants during that time period. In 1995, According to Wikipedia, over 60,000 people attended and there were 70 floats, bands, costumed groups, and “imprecision drill teams” in the Fantasy Fest parade in Key West, Florida.

This FESTIVAL has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around! Fun-loving people from around the world come up with their creativity and imagination as they descend upon Key West, Florida, each year in October for 10 days filled with beautiful bizarre costuming, tattoos, parades, libations, and excitement.

How long is Fantasy Fest in Key West?

Friends, This is the 10-day Festival as I told you in the introduction.

What date is Fantasy Fest in Key West 2022?

Fantasy Fest in key west dates: This year, it will start on 21, October and end on 30 October 2022. I think you got your answer of, when is fantasy fest in key west?

What is the theme for Fantasy Fest 2022? #Fantasyfest

Fantasy Fest 2022 theme: This year’s theme for Fantasy Fest 2022 is “Cult classics and cartoon Chaos”. This will be really fun and exciting, right?. So get ready

Fantasy Fest Festival Images.

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