How to Save Money when Traveling: Pack These 5 Items

How to Save Money when Traveling: Traveling is expensive, that’s no secret. From booking flights to hotels, cheap is never really a word we would use to describe traveling. 

When you can lighten the financial load, that’s always a plus. I often find it helpful if I pack items that you might typically buy when you’re traveling. Most of these items will often cost you more if you buy them at the airport or once you’ve reached your destination. If you take a moment to check these items off your list you will be saving yourself time and money. These can be the best travel tips to save money when traveling.

Save Money when Traveling

How to Save Money when Traveling: Pack These 5 Items

Reading Material

1. Reading Material  Whether it’s a book or a magazine make sure you’ve got it ready to go before your trip. If you’re a Kindle person like me and consequently have Amazon Prime, you will find that they offer plenty of free books and discounted magazines. I always make sure I stock up my Kindle with plenty of light-reads for each trip.  Magazines are another staple of mine but can be very costly at airports.  Your best bet is to check your local bookstore or see if any of your friends have old issues they will lend you.


2. SNACKS I had to capitalize this one, not only because I’m a foodie but because airport food costs a fortune! I like to hit up my local Target and buy a box of protein bars, usually at a pretty discounted price.  They pack easily and will fill you up for those in between waiting times. Trail mix is also another great snack to pack, it’s even cheaper if you buy the nuts and dried fruit yourself and create small baggy’s for them.  You could easily spend $10 and more on airport snacks that aren’t even that great.

Water Bottle w/Purifier

3. Water Bottle w/Purifier Now we all know you can’t bring liquids through airport security BUT if you wise up and purchase a water bottle with built-in purifier you can fill your bottle up at the water fountain after you’ve gone through security. A bottle of water cost at least $3 at the airport–who feels like that?

Sunblock to Save Money when Traveling

4.  Sunblock Not traveling to some place tropical? Skip However if you are on the verge of a tropical vacation bring your own sunblock. Tropical/warm climates realize that many tourists will not pack sunblock due to the size. That being said these area’s will jack up the prices on sunblock, because they know they can make money on it. One of the best tricks I’ve used is to take a regular 60z bottle of sunblock and squeeze it into two 3oz travel sized bottles. This is very clever if you don’t want to check your luggage. You’ll be able to save quite a bit of money this way.

Headphones, Chargers, Accessories

5.  Headphones, Chargers, Accessories These items you think would be a no-brainer but how many times have you seen people purchasing ear-buds and chargers from those Best Buy machines?  Generic chargers (at least for the iPhone) can cost around $7, airport prices will charge at least double. The same goes for ear-buds  just recently I purchased a second pair at Kohls for $10. If you don’t spend a lot of money then you probably won’t care if something were to happen to them.  I will often keep these extra headphones and chargers in my carry-on so I know I will always have them when I travel.

Other items that I recommend you bring yourself to How to Save Money when Traveling:

  • Neck pillow
  • Travel blanket
  • Eye-mask
  • Sleep aids
  • Headache/cold pills

If you take the time to purchase a few of these before your travels you will be pleasantly surprised how less stressed you will be not only mentally but financially as well. Having a snack handy and a good book can go a long way. Happy travels!

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