Best India Travel Tips for Women: What to Wear in India | India tourism 2022

India Travel Tips for Women 2022- What to wear in India as a first timer tourist (India tourism): Some parts of India might at first sight appear like Ibiza (especially Goa) and if you travel in the bigger cities you’ll see lots of women in Western-style clothes. Outside the tourist areas and the big cities, however, most women wear traditional Indian clothing (a sari or a salwar kameez), or maybe a kurta top (a shirt with long or short sleeves) with jeans or a long skirt. For more fashion content – Style Route

Travel Tips to India 2022: India Travel Tips for Women

What to Wear in India?

What you wear affects how you get treated, and it can increase or decrease the possibility of sexual harassment. Take a look at what local women wear and copy them. This does not mean that everyone has to wear a sari. Loose-fitting t-shirts, jeans, long skirts, salwar kameez, kurta tops with long trousers are all ok.

Don’t Go Topless. Just Don’t.

This India Travel Tips for Women is very important. Topless sunbathing is simply not acceptable in India and just because some women go topless in Goa does not mean that you should. It is also forbidden by law. If you want to sunbathe topless, there are lots of places in the world for it: India is not one of them.

Should You Wear a Sari?

Many guidebooks tell you to dress like locals do and buy a sari or a salwar kameez. A sari is that traditional Indian dress that consists of a choli (the blouse), an underskirt and a minimum of five metres of fabric that you need to wrap around you in a graceful and stylish way. If you have never worn a sari before, get a local woman to help you in the wrapping process. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you half-heartedly wrap a sari around you, it will look just that: a badly wrapped sari, and Indian ladies will publicly comment on your sari wrapping skills.

The Salwar Kameez

The salwar kameez is a much easier option for everyday travel. It consists of a long pyjama-style pants, a loose-fitting shirt, and a scarf called dupatta. It is also acceptable in most situations.

If you do get an invitation to, say, a wedding in South India, and you simply have to wear a sari, get some help when shopping for one and when trying to get into one. A sari is also incredibly difficult to walk in gracefully: Indian women know how to do it because they have been doing it all their lives, but most Western women look very clumsy until they get some serious sari practice.

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