Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India 2022.

Top 3 Best places to celebrate Christmas in India 2022: If you’re heading to India for the winter and find yourself homesick around Christmas time, here are some of the best places to spend the holidays in India.

The biggest and most of India’s Christmas celebrations happen in Goa, but Kerala is a good alternative. For a white Christmas, wrap up and head to Manali in the Himalayas.

Top 3 places to celebrate Christmas in India 2022.

Christmas in Goa

Goa is one of the most popular places to celebrate Christmas in India. Thanks to its large Roman Catholic population, Goa Christmas celebrations are the biggest in the country. The midnight mass on Christmas Eve is the highlight of the celebrations and Christmas Day can then be devoted to feasting with friends and family. Hotels in Goa cater for homesick tourists and offer Western style Christmas lunches and dinners. The only problem with going to Goa for Christmas is that pretty much everyone else will be going there too, so if you haven’t done so yet, book your accommodation soon.

Kerala Christmas Celebrations

Kerala is another Indian state with a sizeable Christian population and another good place to go for Christmas. If you’re missing the family, try the beach resorts in Varkala and Kovalam for some Western food in the company of other Westerners, but as in Goa, book early – this is the peak holiday season in South India. If you want to escape the holiday crowds on the beaches, book a cruise on a houseboat down the Kerala backwaters and enjoy a few days of relative peace and quiet on Kerala’s lush rivers and canals.

A White Christmas in Manali

If it is snow you want for Christmas, try Manali. This hill station in the Himalayas will usually get snow in December, so a white Christmas is possible. Go skiing or just warm up by a fireplace in the hotel, but be prepared for cold mountain weather and bring good winter clothes. Some guesthouses in Manali close for the winter, but many of the bigger hotels and resorts offer Christmas packages.

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