Best Places to Visit in Coorg (Madikeri)-Mysore [Karnataka Travel Story 2021]

Hey friends, Today I’m really excited to tell you about Best Places to Visit in Coorg (Madikeri) through a story of my travel journey. First of all, I’ll give you a small introduction to Coorg, then I’ll tell you about my journey and the beautiful places to visit in Coorg.


Coorg is one of the famous destinations in Karnataka India that’s why today we are talking about Places to Visit in Coorg. The beautiful Coorg is called the Scotland of India. The city Coorg is a small hill station in the Kodagu district. We visited this place in the month of June which is the best time to go there. Though a small place in Karnataka, it is filled with many beautiful spots and so we are sharing our travel journey so you can find the Best places to visit in Coorg through our blog.

Places to Visit in Coorg (Madikeri)-Mysore [Karnataka Travel Story]
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What is Coorg famous for?

Coorg is famous for Coffee and homemade chocolates. There are many shops for coffee and spices in the Madikeri market where we shopped.  After spending some amazing 3 days in Coorg we started our journey towards Mangalore. We really enjoyed our short trip to Coorg.  All the beautiful spots in Coorg make it one of the best places to visit in India. Coorg gave us the best memories ever.

Journey Towards Coorg

Journey Towards Coorg

Our Flight was from Mumbai To Mangalore. It took around 1 and a half hours to reach Mangalore Airport. We had already booked a 15-seater car to travel from Mangalore to Coorg. At first, we visited the famous ice-cream parlor in Mangalore city, Pabbas. We tried their famous ice-cream called Gadbad and Tiramisu. Both were utterly delicious. After having delicious ice-creams in Pabbas, we continued our journey towards Coorg.

The best route to visit Coorg is from Mangalore. The distance is about 150km away from Mangalore. The road trip was really very good. The Climate was extremely cool and we were really enjoying it. Small drops of rain were making the climate more awesome. The road of Coorg is full of turns and ghats. But our driver made sure that we feel safe during the whole journey.

It took around 3 hrs to reach Coorg. Around 5 in the evening we reached Kushalnagar. We went straight towards the famous  Golden Temple in Kushalnagar instead of our hotel because the temple closes by 6 pm.

Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery is one of the largest Buddhist centers in India. It is located in Kushal Nagar. This Monastery is very famous in Kushalnagar. People from all over the world visit this Namdroling Monastery. People call this Monastery The Golden Temple in Kushal Nagar. The Monastery was established in the early 1960s.

Once you enter this place, you can see all the traditional Tibetan Buddhist paintings, statues, etc. The Tibetan styled temples and the presence of monks makes this monastery very special. The Colorful and traditional architecture and the statues inside the temple look very charming. This place is very peaceful.

After spending some time in the monastery, we head back to our hotel and rested for some time.

Later, for dinner, we went to a nearby restaurant called Fish Curry Rice which was close to our hotel. We tried Chicken curry and rice and it was the best. The food here is quite good. You can have the food at this restaurant if you are in Kushal Nagar.

The dinner went well and we headed back to our hotel. Back in the hotel, after spending some time together, we went to our rooms and rested for the day.

Road Trip To Mysore

Our second day of the trip was to visit Mysore. Mysore is very near to Kushalnagar. The distance from Kushalnagar to Mysore is 90kms. It takes approx two and a half hrs to reach Mysore.

On our way to  Mysore, we spotted an unknown but a place with a beautiful view.  We took a break at this beautiful spot and enjoyed the view. This place was perfect to click pictures. The view was really very mesmerizing. After clicking lots of pictures we continued our journey towards Mysore.

After 2 hrs of our road trip, we reached Mysore. Mysore is a city of palaces and history.

We Visited the 2 main attractions of Mysore.

  1. Mysore Zoo    
  2. Mysore Palace.

We have written our experiences of Mysore in our blog. You can check our experience in this post- Best places to visit in Mysore

Our whole day was spend visiting the zoo and palace. We really enjoyed our trip to Mysore. After spending the whole day in Mysore, we made our way back to Kushal Nagar. Visiting Mysore was one of our best parts of the trip. We were really happy to cover the best places in Mysore in one day.

Places to Visit in Coorg (Madikeri) Karnataka.

1. Kushalnagar-Madikeri: Places to Visit in Coorg.

Our Road trip to Mysore was a great experience. The third day of the trip was to visit places in Madikeri. Madikeri is the heart of Coorg. It has some Amazing places to see. We checked out from our hotel and after having break fast we made our way to our first spot of the day.

2. Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare is one of the famous places in Coorg. It is just 20-25 minutes away from Kushalnagar. Dubare is known for the elephant camps which are situated on the banks of River Kaveri. This camp is on the opposite side of the river. There are boats which take you to the elephant camp.

When you reach the camp, you can see elephants all over the place. The elephants are properly trained. The locals take care of these elephants. The tourists are allowed to bathe the elephant on the side of the river. They will take some charge to do this activity. Tourists are allowed to feed the elephants with the food they provide. They don’t allow them to ride on the elephants.

The elephant camp is really nice place to visit. After visiting the camp we made our way towards a new spot in Kushal Nagar.

3. Harangi Reservoir: Places to Visit in Coorg.

Harangi Dam is built across the tributary of river Cauvery. It is very close to Kushal Nagar at a distance of 9 km. The dam looks really beautiful during monsoons. We came by afternoon at these places. The gates through which the water is released were closed at that time. The atmosphere at this place is very relaxing.

The view of the reservoir is very delightful to see. The Harangi reservoir is all covered with greenery. The gardens have become the ideal picnic spots here. Spending some time relaxing and clicking pictures we made our way back to our car.

PSWe had some amazing lunch near the entrance of the Harangi reservoir. The place was not any restaurant but a small shop which provided us with some good home-food. You can try them out.

We went to our hotel in Madikeri after visiting Harangi Reservoir. After check-in, we freshen up a bit and went to visit Abbey falls.

4. Abbey Falls – Places to Visit in Coorg.

Abbey Falls - Places to Visit in Coorg
Places to Visit in Coorg

Abbey is one of the best waterfalls in Coorg. It is very close to Madikeri. This waterfall is located inside the forest area between the coffee plantations. A small trek through stairs leads you to the waterfall.

The beauty of the waterfall is really very mesmerizing. Small drops of rain were making the atmosphere more pleasant. On the opposite side of the waterfall, there is a hanging bridge. The view from the bridge could have been better but unfortunately, it was kept closed. The waterfall is usually very crowded during monsoons.

After spending some time at the waterfall we went back to our hotel. We were staying at Hotel Mayura Valley view. The view from our hotel was truly the best. The climate in Madikeri was all foggy. We were really lucky to get the best weather in Coorg.

So this our experience of our travel Journey and our recommendation of places to visit in Coorg.

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