Pros and Cons of Last Minute Trips | Vacation Travel Tips.

Pros and Cons of Last Minute Trips: Holidays are something that everyone enjoys and people often count off the months until they can jet away into the sun. There are many different types of holidays available to suit all tastes and interests and also lots of different ways of booking them. Besides those holidays that are carefully planned and paid for in advance, there are also last minute trips.

Some people swear that last minute trips are the best way to save money on a holiday, but are they really all they are cracked up to be?

Read on to find out the pros and cons of last minute trips to help you decide.- Travelling Advise

Pros and Cons of Last Minute Trips | Vacation Travel Tips.

Last Minute Trips: Pros and Cons


1. If you suddenly find yourself with some vacation time and you can be flexible on where you go then you will be able to find plenty of last minute trips available for every budget. Many people find that by booking a last minute trip they get to visit places that they would not normally have even considered as a holiday destination.

2. Because travel companies reserve a number of plane seats and hotel rooms they need to make sure that they sell them all. If they have lots of availability unsold about a week before the holiday is due to start then they will begin discounting the trip and the closer to the departure date they get the higher the discount. This means that you could make a great saving on the previous cost of the holiday.

3. If you take the time to register with holiday company websites for email alerts of their last minute trips, you will not have to spend much time searching yourself. They will email you a daily list of those that will be put onto their website, often first, and you can look through them and see if any take your fancy. You can also be quite specific about the type of holiday that you are looking for to help narrow the list down.


1. One thing that you really do need to keep in mind when considering booking a last minute trip is that speed is of the essence. The second you find one you will have to be ready to book it, because a delay of even 15 minutes could find the holiday booked by someone else. This may mean that you feel forced into booking something before you have had time to search through everything that is available.

2. With many of the last minute trips you will also have to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. In fact some travel advisers recommend that one person be packing the suitcase while the other is searching. This can cause a problem if you have to organise someone to feed the pets or take care of the house while you are gone.

3. Last minute trips do not always save you money, especially if you have a specific destination in mind. If sales of the holiday have been reasonable then the travel company will have no need to offer a large discount to sell off the remaining flight tickets (the term in Swedish is). In fact you could end up paying more than you would have if you had made your booking well in advance.

4. Last minute trips can be great if approached in the right way and people are prepared. However they will not be for everyone, so before you jump in and book yourself on one do a little research and find out what’s on offer first

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