How to Reach Goa? [BEST] Places for Shopping in Goa 2021 [Tourism Online Guide]

How to Reach Goa?: If you are planning for your vacation, Goa could be the best option. This Goa online tourism guide will help you to reach goa and find places for Shopping in Goa 2021. Basically, GOA is the best Indian tourist destination famous for its beaches.

Girls on Goa beach, How to Reach Goa? [BEST] Places for Shopping in Goa
Girls on Goa beach

Goa: Reach & Explore the City as a Goa tourist.

Like other parts of India, this vibrant state Goa offers exciting opportunities to enjoy holidays to the full.

Goa city, How to Reach Goa? [BEST] Places for Shopping in Goa
Goa City

However, the most enthralling thing from which you can derive maximum pleasure is Goa shopping.

Places for Shopping in Goa 2021

Places of shopping in Goa: If you are in Goa and thinking about ‘Shopping near me, market near me, or market in Goa’. The best thing to explore in Goa is its exclusive markets. In fact, it can be said without exaggerating a fact that Goa means shopping.

So when you are in Goa, shopping must be given priority in your itinerary.

Goa shopping implies buying souvenirs as a token of a memorable sojourn here. Being here you must not miss out on local handicrafts which include brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochet,
carved furniture, bamboo work, and paper-mâché.

These things are easily found in government emporiums and shops and stalls abounding near famous tourist destinations.

Goa, the famous city for seafood, features specialized shops for dry fruits also. In fact, it is one of the top-class things to buy here. If you want to have really good quality cashew nuts then do not forget to check out the market for this in Goa.

Some important things to do in Goa while Shopping

Places of shopping in Goa, You will get a wide range of plain, salted, and masala cashew nuts here in almost every shop. However, cost may vary on the basis of quality and type.

Goa shopping is incomplete unless some trendy and fashionable stuff is bought.

There are a number of shops where the best selections in home styling and fashion are found at reasonable rates.

Again, in Goa you can also buy some traditional stuff as available in Goan towns and villages.

There are numerous market places in Goa where permanent as well as occasional stalls are set for selling goods.

All you need to do is a bit of haggling to obtain the best.

Reaching Goa – Goa, a major tourist destination in India, made famous for its beaches, rave parties, night-outs, and unbounded fun is also popular among travelers because of the fact that it is easily accessible too.

How to reach Goa, the dream destination?

Reaching Goa By Air – Dabolim Airport is the chief entry point to Goa. This international airport is situated at a distance of about 30 km from Panaji.

Goa is well-connected with major national and international tourist destinations across the world through daily and frequent flights. There are a number of charter flights that operate Goa and UK and other European countries.

Goa Church

Goa church

Traveling to Goa – There are direct Indian Airlines flights that operate daily from Delhi and Mumbai.

Reaching Goa By Rail – Railway is steadily emerging as a viable option of reaching Goa. Railways connect Goa to the major metro cities of India like Mumbai and Pune.

The Konkan Railway that links Margao and Vasco da Gama to the major cities in India, has made things easier. You can comfortably reach Goa if you board trains from Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore.

Reaching Goa By Road – Goa is connected to Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore by a good network of roads and National Highways.

There are regular and frequent buses, both state-owned and private, that ply on these routes connecting Mumbai, Pune, Belgaum, Hubli, Bangalore, Mangalore, etc. with Goa. The tourists can avail themselves the buses that range from economic, sleeper coaches to deluxe AC buses.

Travel to Goa: Transport in Goa

Once when you arrive at the cherished tourist destination, Goa you will be pleasantly surprised by the unique mode of transport here.

Commuting within Goa is very easy as there are whole lot of options for you.

Goa Transport comprises of – Transportation in Goa

  • Car Rentals in Goa, a very convenient mode of transportation in Goa if you want to go on sightseeing in Goa. Just hire a car of your choice and go on to enjoy the beauty of Goa.
  • Bike Rentals in Goa: You can also rent a bike and just go on explore Goa. You need to have an international driver’s license if you want to ride on a powerful bike.
  • Local Trains in Goa: Getting around in Goa is made easy by the presence of local trains here in Goa. This Goa Transport connects North and South Goa between Vasco and Margao Railway Station.
  • River Cruises in Goa: Want to enjoy a serene river cruise in the ferries, you will get this also here with ferries plying on the River Mandovi, River Tiracol.
  • Motorcycle Taxis in Goa: A unique mode of transport in Goa where here the bikes have a rider called the pilot and you have to sit as a pillion rider.
  • Taxis in Goa: You will find another way of transportation in Goa that is the Maruti Van taxis. They are basically operating between the hotels and resorts.

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