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You love it or you haven’t tried it or you are scared to try, Scuba diving is magic and it’s addictive. There are many adventure sports but scuba diving tops my list. It’s an inexpressible feeling when you are in the sea swimming just like all the fishes around you.

SCUBA Diving | Scuba Dive

SCUBA diving- Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus is the most popular underwater diving. Here the diver is given a scuba set to breathe underwater. The diver carries with himself an oxygen cylinder and swimfins are attached to the feet of the diver. The diver is first trained and after a few sessions, he/she is allowed to dive. When underwater, communication is done with signals.

What is Scuba Diving?

What is Scuba Diving
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Scuba diving is a very famous adventure sport which gives you a scare at first place and then an adrenalin rush. ‘Scuba diving’ can be done in almost all parts of the world. Phuket in Thailand, the Red Sea coral reef, Egypt and The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia are the best diving destinations in the world. They all are well connected with frequent international and domestic flights. Also famous are Bahamas and Belize in Central America. The life underwater is awe-inspiring. The sight of colorful fish swimming beside you, the coral reefs, the rocks, some huge mushrooms, urchins, and as you go down, it’s all green and breath-taking.

When in the sea you account for every breath and every moment, you are fully alive each and every moment. You get a chance to unveil the mystery of water and watch aquatic life so closely and live it and it’s an enthralling experience. And once you learn scuba, it will become a lifelong obsession which nobody will let go easily.

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“Life in the blue is more enchanting than life above blue”- Travelling Advise

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