Best Seattle with Kids Ideas in 2021: Vacation with Kids in Seattle. Family Travel Seattle

Best Seattle with Kids ideas in 2021: Vacation with Kids in Seattle – Yes, Seattle is a popular getaway destination for couples but it is equally popular among family vacationers. Why is it a popular family destination? Well it has abundance of fun filled attractions and activities to offer for the whole family. If you are planning a family vacation to Seattle, here are some of the most popular family attractions in the city.

Seattle with Kids ideas in 2021 – Vacation with Kids in Seattle

Seattle with Kids ideas in 2021 - Vacation with Kids in Seattle

Seattle Aquarium in Seattle

Seattle Aquarium provides fun and exciting ways to see, touch and explore the colorful underwater world. Highlights of aquarium includes Window on Washington Waters, a huge tank holding sea creatures, two  large touch tide pool tanks, Life of a Drifter tanks featuring jellyfish and the Giant Pacific Octopus, harbor seals, colorful animals of the Pacific Coral Reef, and an  inverted Underwater Dome, showing sea life. Their collection includes a giant octopus, and their marine mammals include sea otters and sea lions, also fur seals. In some special exhibits, your kids can feel a wolf eel’s teeth or shake hand with an octopus. They can also find out what real starfish feel like in the touching pool. Kids’ favorite is the underwater viewing area, where they can wear fake diving gear and fins and run around pretending they are underwater. After all this your kids can have food of their choice – burgers, chicken fingers etc at the cafe.

Hours Daily 9:30am-5pm
Location Pier 59, the Waterfront

The Children’s Museum in Seattle

For your curious children, The Children’s Museum is the best place to explore. This museum has exhibits and hand-on activities for whole family. Every exhibit is allow your small kids and their mind to explore, play and learn. They have some permanent exhibits along with daily programs. Permanent exhibits includes Global Village which have props for children to show everyday life of Ghana, the Philippines, and Japan. The Mountain forest exhibit shows and describes the flora and fauna of Pacific Northwest. Cog City is a giant game of pipes, pulleys, and balls where small kids can enjoy playing with them. Kids can also test their talent in a mock recording studio. There’s a small play area for toddlers and lots of crafts to help kids learn more about the exhibits. Daily programs include games, play times and scavenger hunts that help in a child’s development. Subjects which kids will learn in school like science are also introduced here.

Hours Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm; Sat- Sun 10am – 6pm.
Location Center House on the Seattle Center campus

Pacific Science Center in Seattle

Aimed primarily for children, this place is fun for people of all ages. This place is destination for families school groups, families and curious tourists. The center has many indoor and outdoor exhibits and state of the art planetarium. Kids can explore life-size robotic dinosaurs, a butterfly house and insect village with giant robotic insects, a Tech Zone where they can play virtual-reality soccer or challenge a robot to tic-tac-toe.  Some of the other fun hands-on exhibits shows the biological sciences, physics, and chemistry. IMAX movies and laser rock shows run daily. Outdoor attractions include a giant water wheel that kids can play in. The center holds after-hours cocktail parties once in a month, usually to celebrate a new IMAX release. Special events go on throughout the year to keep your kids entertained. Laser light shows at the Boeing Spacearium feature music from artists ranging from Sinatra to Hendrix. These shows run throughout the day.

Hours Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat-Sun 10am-6pm
Location Seattle Center, near Space Needle

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