Singapore Country: A Bucket Full Of Travel Memories

Singapore Country is one of my favorite destination that i have visited till now. This place is both an island and a country but most people describe it as the ‘City_State’. Singapore is also called as SINGAPURA which means Lion City in Sanskrit. Filled with some beautiful skyscrapers, buildings and different art . The City is full of greenery, entertainment, fun and loads of activities to do. I have visited these place three times and Singapore Country never failed to amaze me.

City Life in Singapore

Life in Singapore is just like any of the island. People here are really very helpful and co-operative ,you can always see smile on their faces. If you need any help regarding directions don’t hesitate to ask them. Majority of the population here is  Chinese but you can find Indians and Malays on every part of these country. Its good to see such places where you can see multi-cultured living.They  know too enjoy life within their busy schedule.The most important thing which people think while visiting another country is its safety,and yes this place will never disappoint you. The measures taken by Singapore Government to make sure people are always safe are too high. Speaking of languages, Majorities can speak English, Tamil , Chinese and Malay as they are the official languages of Singapore.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

Best Time to Visit Singapore

The Temperature here is often hot and humid. There is no particular season here. Rains can Pour any time and any month. Best Time to Visit Singapore can be between February and May. You can read our best travel tips for great trip.

What to eat in Singapore Country

Singaporeans are very much enthusiastic about food. From variety of Chinese food to some unique Indian dishes to sweet deserts you can get everything here.

Some of the famous dishes you must try out :

  • Kaya Toast with Soft-boiled egg or Tea– A well known  snack  or a toast filled with kaya s(prepared with coconut jam,sugar,coconut milk) served with boiled eggs or tea. A perfect dish to start your day. Kaya Toast tastes really very amazing.
  • Chili Crabs– Crabs cooked in tomato and chilli based gravy. They are served with small fried buns called ‘man-tou’. You can get this dish anywhere in Sea food restaurants. But a place called Jumbo-Seafood-East coast Sea food Centre is most favorable according to me. Variety of seafood  with unique taste to try out at these place.
  • Oysters– Tried one of their best oyster dish near Singapore River. They were delicious and the sauce which they prepared by adding some wine gave oysters more tasteful flavor. You can try them out if you love Oysters.

Local Dishes in Singapore

Local Food in Singapore are very much famous especially Bak Kut Teh , Dimsums, Fried Carrot Cake etc. There are many hawkers and food stalls which you can find wherever you go. Local food which i tried out were:

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice– A Chinese based rice which is mostly considered as the national dish in Singapore.This dish is served everywhere from School canteens to hawkers and main restaurants.Chicken rice with poached or steamed Chicken is served along with a dipping sauce of freshly minced red chilli and garlic along with dark soya sauce and ginger.All the ingredients make this dish of the best.
  • Fried Carrot Cake–  Dont think this dish as a dessert, its definitely not. This dish is made from Daikon or commonly called as Radish and not Carrot.
  • Durian– The National Fruit of Singapore. Resembles like Jackfruit but somehow tastes different.

There are limited number of places where you can get vegetarian options,If you want one of such places try out My Awesome Cafe.They provide you with some delicious vegan food also the ambience is too awesome.

Things to do in Singapore Country:

Singapore is a place where you need atleast 4 days or more to explore it nicely.Though it is a small island there are number of beautiful and adventurous places that you can visit.From Gardens to Museums ,Theme parks ,Zoos ,Bird parks everything you can enjoy here.

City Tour (Merlion,Marina Bay,Singapore Flyer)

Start your day by exploring the beauty of the city. You can do the city tour and go visit some amazing places in the city. Go for Merlion Park which is the landmark of the city and the must see place in Singapore. Towards the opposite direction you can see the Marina Bay which is one the most spectacular hotel here with some amazing view. You can also enjoy the light and water show at the Marina Bay which is just beautiful as the place is.


Sunday to Thursday – 8pm & 9pm
Friday &  Saturday – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Also you can go for the Singapore Flyer to enjoy the full city view of Singapore. Don’t miss out these places as they are the main attractions of Singapore.

Note-Singapore City Tour Passes can be booked on their official site

Universal Studio

Universal studio is one of the best Theme park in the world. This theme park is divided into 7 themes. All themes features number of rides,shows and many more attractions. This place is perfect for all adventure lovers where they can enjoy the rides and many 3D -4D shows. In addition to this you can watch the Studio Tour too.

Special Note- Don’t Miss the Transformers-The Ride, and The Batttlestar Roller coaster .


Sentosa island is famous for variety of activities, museum and many more. There is a beach on the other side of this island which you can explore here. You can check the famous Madame Tussaud’s Singapore, wax museum,or for some thrilling experience you can go for Ifly Singapore. There are many more adventures out here,you can check them on their official site for more details

Garden By The Bay

Singapore is called as the ‘Garden City’ and you can truly feel when you visit Gardens By The Bay. This is one of the main attraction. Everywhere you look is breathtakingly beautiful with various gardens and the supertrees. Supertrees get better at night as they have musical shows  and you can just enjoy looking at them. They look damn gorgeous with lights and music.

Note: Please don’t miss out the lights and music show in gardens by the bay.You will love it. The first show takes place at 7.45 pm and the second show comes on at 8.45 pm. The light show is totally free.

Cloud Forest

It is one of the most spectacular Coolhouse Featuring Cloud mountains which is accessible by an elevator and leads you to the Garden and the skywalk through which you can come down.Truly a must-visit place in Singapore.

Singapore Zoo Or Night Safari

Go and watch the animals in the Singapore zoo. The administration has made sure to make the zoo an environmental friendly place for the animals to live in. They are separated by water and dry moats to keep the visitors away. There are many shows and events out there which you can enjoy.

Night Safari-If you want to enjoy a unique adventure,you can go for the Night Safari. Night Safari is the First Nocturnal zoo all over the World. This zoo consists more than 2000 animals and many species.The best way to explore these place is by taking ride on Trams. The lights are kept Dim on purpose so that no animals are disturbed and you can enjoy these place peacefully.

Transport Facilities

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit),Buses and Taxis are the main transport modes here. People majorly use Buses here.If you want to use MRT’s you can buy tickets for single trips. But if you intend to use the MRT and basic bus services frequently during your visit, you can buy a Singapore Tourist Pass. A special EZ-Link stored-value card which will allow you unlimited travel for one day (S$10), two days (S$16) or three days (S$20). Singapore’s trains and stations are accessible to wheel chair users and the visually impaired, as well as families with strollers.

Singapore Traveling Tips

Money Exchange- Singapore Dollar to Usd

The Currency of Singapore is Singapore Dollar. Always carry some amount of Exchanged money from your respective country before traveling Singapore. Even if you don’t get the time to exchange then you can do them at the airport both Singapore and your Country. The other options which are available are:- Shopping Malls,China Town. Check  The value before getting the money exchanged.

Travel/Medical Insurance-

It is very important to carry your Travel Policy and your Medical insurance.In case if there is some emergency then it will be helpful.

Carry your Prescriptions/Medical reports:

Medical Reports are safe to keep with you while traveling.In case of medical emergency they can be used.

Power Plugs/Phone Chargers

The standard electrical current used in Singapore is 220-240 volts AC (50 cycles). You can use power plugs with three square prongs here.

Laws & Punishments

Singapore is famous for its strict Rules and Regulations.Chewing Gums are not allowed in this country.So Dont carry them while traveling.Don’t smoke in public places as they will fine you with big amount.

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