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Spring Time In Japan 2021: Japan is a country that experiences 4 Different distinct seasons. We’ll talk about Best time to visit Japan in Spring 2021, Today.

Spring Time In Japan

Haru, which is the Japanese word for spring (traditionally from March to May), is one of the most beloved times of year in Japan and is a fabulous time to visit this amazing country.  At the end of February as the weather begins to warm up (which happens to be right about now), the trees start to blossom/bloom and Japan is transformed into one of the most beautiful, picturesque sights you will find.  Springtime in Japan is world famous in part because it coincides with sakura (cherry blossom) season, which literally covers Japan in a sea of pink and white.

Spring Time In Japan, Tokyo
Spring Time In Japan – Tokyo

Interestingly, sakura blossoming occurs at different times across Japan, with the blossoming starting in southern Japan and proceeding northward up the Japanese archipelago. The blossoming does not necessarily occur the same dates every year and there is some degree of educated guesswork (based on weather patterns) involved in predicting when blossoming will occur in the different areas. 

In fact, the sakura forecast for 2021 recently came out, indicating that sakura season is starting a little bit later this year as compared to last year. The first flowers are predicted to open in southern Japan the last week of March and the sakura front (or sakura zensen as it is known in Japan) is anticipated to reach the Tokyo area around March 29.   Unfortunately, the window of opportunity to enjoy this natural wonder is quite small. Once the sakura reach full bloom, which takes about a week from the time they open, they only last for about another week before they start falling.

During sakura season, hanami or the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing occurs. The Hanami tradition includes having parties/picnics with family, friends and/or co-workers in parks (also, zoos, castles, shrines and other scenic locales), attending tea ceremonies and festivals and/or just strolling through a park quietly enjoying the beauty.  During this time, you will never go hungry (or thirsty), because street vendors at the various viewing sights come out in full force during sakura season, selling everything from yakitori to sake.

Some venues also have special nighttime sakura viewing, where sakura can be viewed in the glow of Japanese lanterns.  Travelers thinking about visiting Japan for hanami can book special tours that take you to gardens and parks in various cities across Japan that are known to be the best places to view sakura. These tours can be quite pricey, but there are also day/night tours that will take you to a specific park for viewing and will likely include a meal or snack.  For those who prefer to explore on your own, here are just a few of the more popular and scenic places for hanami:

  • Ueno Park in Tokyo
  • Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo
  • Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in Kamakura
  • Nagoya Castle in Nagoya
  • Maruyama Park in Kyoto
  • Kema Sakuranomiya Park in Osaka
  • Osaka Castle in Osaka
  • Himeji Castle in Himeji
  • Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto
  • Hirosaki Castle in Hirosaki
  • Matsumae Park in Hokkaido

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