Sydney’s Greatest Asset: Must-See Places in Sydney New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, one of the most bustling cities in Australia is known for its stunning harbour and fantastic landmarks world over. This jewel of South Pacific attracts millions of visitors every year from round the world. So why should we not talk about Sydney’s Greatest Asset Today?

Whether you are planning for a family vacation, romantic getaway or to escape from the busy life. Sydney would be the perfect destination. In Sydney you will find everything which you would love to experience during your vacation, from ocean beaches to lush parks, hip bars, pubs, breezy cafes, fantastic restaurants and diverse shopping options. Let’s explore Sydney harbour, an asset to the beautiful city.

Sydney’s Greatest Asset to must See if you are in NSW, Australia.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour bridge in Sydney Australia
Sydney Harbour bridge Australia

The dazzling Sydney Harbour is a huge bridge connecting The Rocks with Northern Sydney.  Sydney Harbour is one of the most famous attractions in the city especially for those who want to taste the adventures, offering breathtaking adventure sports like Motor-boating, Scuba diving, Sailing, Fishing. Enjoy the picturesque view of the beautiful Sydney Harbor. Enjoy the walk on the top of the bridge or take the pleasure of romantic picnic at Sydney Harbour; it’s always amazing experience which you never forget. Sydney harbour is a home to best attractions and points of interests.

Harbour Attractions

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney Australia
Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Australia | Image Source: Wikimedia

Beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens – explore the beautiful flora in the Royal Botanic Gardens situated in the Sydney Harbour. The Garden is a home to more than 7500 trees, and is covered with more than 30 hectares of colorful flowers.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo in Sydney Australia
Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia | Image Source Wikimedia

The Sydney Harbour anchors wonderful Taronga Zoo offering amazing activities to its visitors like Camping, Viewing wildlife, walking. The zoo is featuring large collection of Australian fauna and other world animals including Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroos, Wallabees and many more. The zoo is easily accessible by ferry from Circular Quay. See the great events like bird flight, seal show, spider show and much more. Glance at Black Kites, Vultures, Doves and Owls trained to perfection by the Zoo trainers. After exploring the Taronga Zoo, enjoy the delicious fish and chips at the café at the zoo.

Mrs Macquaries Chair 

Another point of interest is the Mrs Macquaries Chair at Sydney Harbour. After strolling the gardens and exploring the zoo, head to the Mrs Macquaries Chair, peaceful spot to watch the beautiful sunset. Enjoy sitting in the historical stone bench carved from sandstone in 1890 or Governor Macquarie’s wife Elizabeth, who use to sit and watch ships sailing from England to Harbour.

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