Best Temple of South India: The Chamundeswari Temple in Mysore

Famous Temple of South India: The Chamundeswari Temple stands on top of the Chamundi Hill, on the outskirts of Mysore. The temple is devoted to the goddess Chamundeswari (Durga) who saved the world by defeating the evil demon Mahishasura, and is the presiding deity in the city of Mysore.

Ancient Temple of South India: Chamundeswari, Mysore, Karnataka

Chamundeswari’s victory is celebrated every October with the 10-day Dasara (Dussehra) festival and although Durga Puja is celebrated around India, Dussehra Festivities are especially famous in Mysore. Interesting right?, That’s why today we are talking about the most beautiful Temple of South India – Chamundeswari.

The Chamundeswari Temple in Mysore, India (Photo: Iain and Sarah)

The Chamundeswari temple is relatively small but its Dravidian-style gopura (tower) rises high above the hill and the temple itself gets very busy with visitors. Pilgrims climb up the thousand steps on the hillside to get to the temple but you can also take a bus, a taxi or an autorickshaw. If you climb up the steps, do it early in the morning when the sun is not too hot yet. On the way up you can stop to admire a statue of Nandi, Shiva’s bull, and to visit a swami (a holy man) who lives in a cave here.

At the entrance to the temple beggars, salesmen and -women, pickpockets and unofficial tour guides and touts wait for you. You can queueu up to get in with everyone else or pay a fee and get in faster from a side entrance.

The inside of the temple can get packed especially on weekends and on holy days. Be prepared to join a queue that moves slowly on the outside of the temple but very fast once you’re on the inside:  if you’re not sure of the correct Hindu temple etiquette it can all be a bit of a whirlwind tour, but just copy what others are doing to make it through the process of handing in your flowers/coconuts (available to buy from outside) and receiving a blessing from the priest together with prasad (blessed food).

Nandi, Shiva’s Bull, Chamundi Hill, Mysore (Sanjay Acharya)

As always in Indian temples, leave your shoes outside and dress respectfully. This means no shorts, no sleeveless tops and generally not too much bare skin. Watch out for pickpockets up on Chamundi Hill and watch out  for the monkeys that live here and are not shy at all; if you’re carrying food they’ll try to snatch it from your hand.

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